Here is how affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is extremely popular. Many first-time advertisers opt for affiliate marketing but established names also use it in their online marketing mix. Why is that? There is no need for big money and you quickly get a nice ROI.

It works like this. The products of your online store (advertiser) are promoted through a link on other websites (publishers). Such as a link in a blog to your shop where visitors can order your product immediately. When you sell via that link? You pay a commission. If you don’t sell anything via that link? You pay nothing.

That’s why you
opt for Hoysem

You work together with the largest affiliate partner in Europe

You benefit from our exclusive partnerships

You get the sharpest fees and shortest contracts through us

World Network Webgains

Promote your offer through one clear platform. Webgains is a very strong affiliate network in more than 150 countries. It is for a good reason more than 1,800 advertisers already promote their offer to more than 250,000 selected publishers. Webgains itself interacts with all those publishers, unlike many competitors. As a result, they negotiate faster and more efficiently. Webgains also takes care of the technology, tracking, and monitoring. You’ll watch your turnover climb.

Directly through Webgains or Hoysem?

As the exclusive and largest partner of Webgains, you can initiate affiliate marketing more cost-effectively through Hoysem:

Your investment is
only €99 p/m

(instead of €195 p/m directly)

Your contract
lasts 6 months

(instead of 12 months directly)

Your commission is
20% lower on average

Sit back and relax (optional)

Are you prospering after the first month’s evaluation you receive from us? Then it is wise also to outsource the management of your affiliate marketing to Hoysem. Because advertisers who ensure continuity in their programs show the best results.

For only €2.400 per year (that’s only €200 per month), we will manage your affiliate program, from negotiations to scoring the best deals to your marketing calendar. We will also optimize your promotional material, from text links to discount codes, so that you continue to perform at a top level. Are you already advertising through Webgains, and do you want even more results? Then our management is also a smart idea.

It is not for nothing that
Hoysem scores a:

Motorcycles United
Hotspot Titanium
Condoom Anoniem
Buurman & Buurman
Barefoot & More


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