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The construction and installation industry is either extremely busy or very slow. Sometimes the planning is jam-packed, and at other times, there’s nothing. Online marketing ensures that you are visible and stay that way. This way, you work on a steady flow of customers all year round. No acquisition, so you can simply keep working. Hoysem helps you get your money’s worth on the internet. Together we make sure you gain exposure, and customers call you instead of your competitor.

Hoysem helps construction and installation companies like contractors, painting, and handyman companies with their online marketing mix. From search to social marketing; it’s all in our toolbox.

Why use online marketing for the construction industry?

  • Your customers orient themselves online, so make sure your company is visible there
  • Show them what makes you stand out from your competitors
  • Attract additional assignments
  • Advertise in a targeted way if you have open slots in your planning

Honest online marketing

The way it should be

Would it not be a shame? If the results of your online marketing would disappoint you again. Is it because of your own expectations? Or perhaps your current online marketing agency? You know this much. You’re done. Time for some real work. Because as a real company, you also want real online marketing. Without bullsh*t, with honest advice. You know that being honest can also be tough. Different. Sometimes you even have to say ‘no’. But you also know that honesty won’t let you down again. Because honesty lasts the longest and scores the highest.

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