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Online visibility is a must in the sector for educational institutions or education like driving schools, dance schools, and ultrasound practices. Because the first introduction of your target group to your business starts there. So what’s next? Then it’s all about winning the competition and gaining your customers. Hoysem knows how to increase your reach and create a distinctive image for a new batch of students or coachees.

Hoysem helps companies in the educational sector like driving schools, dance schools, and coaching practices to get the most out of their online marketing budget. Ready for the first lesson?

Why use online marketing for education?

  • Your customers explore options online, so being easy to find is key
  • Show them why they should choose you and keep them interested
  • Use advertising at important decision points in the year
  • Turn your existing customers into loyal ambassadors

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Would it not be a shame? If the results of your online marketing would disappoint you again. Is it because of your own expectations? Or perhaps your current online marketing agency? You know this much. You’re done. Time for some real work. Because as a real company, you also want real online marketing. Without bullsh*t, with honest advice. You know that being honest can also be tough. Different. Sometimes you even have to say ‘no’. But you also know that honesty won’t let you down again. Because honesty lasts the longest and scores the highest.

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